My name is Amy Louise Ellis, and I am an aspiring full-time singer-songwriter.

I have released two singles, ‘How It Goes’ and ‘g2g’ and I have more music on the way soon. After a vocal injury left me out of the game for a year, I am not well on the way to recovery and I am so excited to continue on with my music.

During this time I found a love for graphic design, and found myself constantly experimenting and improving. I realised that this is an opportunity for me to work with other musicians such as myself.

When just starting out, and wanted to put as much money into just your music as possible, it’s hard to think about all the different aspects of promoting yourself:

Album/single artwork

Promotional material (instagram stories, instagram posts)

Tour posters

Lyric videos (of course optional)


I decided to start seedeecase as an affordable way for people to kick start/continue progressing as a musician – so they can focus on the music.

If you’re interested in my music, you can listen here:


How It Goes


seedeecase instagram: http://instagram.com/seedeecase


Instagram: http://instagram.com/amylouiseellis

Twitter: http://twitter.com/_amylouiseellis

Facebook: http://facebook.com/amylouiseellismusic